Friday, October 5, 2012

Air Asia "de-Virginized" Taga-Mlang

Pano inside the Air Asia in Davao. He was bound to Clark Pampanga
The Gerald Anderson-Max Alvarado look-a-like famous son of Mlang Pano Bandiola poses for posterity. Kasi the following morning he would be FLYING (through Air Asia in Clark, you naughty mind !) to Mlang. "Abo rugma balik ra naman taton rugto sa Basak sa Mlang !" he quipped
 "He is no longer an airline-ride virgin," quipped by a foreigner who hailed from the Republic of Timbukto. A prominent member of the Bandiola Clan of Mlang , Lito "Pano" Bandiola has been "de -Virginized" as an airline-ride virgin after Air Asia gave him the first taste of how to fly. He said it was his dream to fly since tot amid the prodding of his relatives but he was not given a chance to do it. But thanks to the generosity of Gabriel Ortigoza, Pano has not only been given a one way free ticket to hell, er, to Clark Pampangga but a round trip tickets from Clark to Davao. But Mr. Bandiola ,who is now cooling his heels at PMA, Baguio City, has a problem. "Linti, kulba-an gid ako sa kantiyaw pag balik ko sa Mlang karon nga dominggo. Ano na lang isabat ko sa mga pamangkot didto "Naka adto man ako tuod sa Luzon, pero wara man takon ka kadto rugto sa Manila". But Ortigoza, a self-styled philanthropist, will try to sneak Pano in Manila. He has a dilemma however which is time-constraint since he will be going back to the U.S on Sunday. "I'll try to sneak Mr. Bandiola to the Manila Zoo so he can meet with his long lost cousin, Lolong the Crocodile, er, Mario Ma-aya (another pride of Mlang's cockpit arena), who was just promoted as Janitor 1 to Janitor 2 of the Elephant Dung Section," he stressed.

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