Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Istoryahanay sang taga-M'lang sa Corruption PART - 1


As I was traversing the other day the national highway I saw a new bridge with a huge signage that says “This is where your taxes go”.
I told a friend inside my car that the statement was wanting: “Dapat it says: “60 percent of your taxes go in funding this bridge while the 20 percent was pocketed by your congressman through S.O.P (cut) while the other 20 percent has been divided by the district engineer (DE) of the DPWH, his engineers who were commissioned to check the quality of the obviously defective bridge, mayor and barangay chairman in the venue of the bridge, and the in-house official of the Commission on Audit at the DPWH”.
Ang duwa diri sa Right nag Magna Cumlaude sa SBC.

 A private contractor in the province whines among friends how corrupt was a certain DE. Aside from the SOP this DE asks, he/she did not give a qualm if the contractor gave the DE a check that runs to hundreds of thousands as commission.
Hoy DE na kurak
ot, baka ma paper trail ka someday magaya mo sila Napoles na nasa kulungan na.
This DE, by the way, is not only working with the DPWH, he/she has a construction firm that siphoned many of the contracts in the district at the expense of other private contractors.

  • Maybelle de los Santos Name names, and blow your whistle harder and louder. Don't mince....be braver! To hell with libel charges. Mwah! You make sense!
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  • Mortz Marcelo Ortigoza Sigi Maybelle de los Santos, I'll name names. Mga apat ini ka libel suits tag P10,000 piyansa kag tag P15,000 acceptance fee sa abogado. Pag nata-maan ako dito sa apat, pa-sponsor ako sa imo sang isa lang ka libel he he
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  • Lab Anque Ha, ha, ha, that is the way it goes. There was some thing I read about a bridge in M'lang which cost about 13 million. Now they are concerned the river bank is eroding and will destroy it. For me that bridge is too much. I wonder why it cost too much. If I am not mistaken only tricycles can pass through it.
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  • 1 hr · LikeLab Anque aside from the 40% cut these son of guns pocketed, transaction with government projects run on the following: Engineering and Administrative Overhead Expenses, 3.5%; Value Added Tax, 12%; Contractor’s Profit (CP), 10%; Overhead Contingency (OC), 10% . These are the reasons government projects become more expensive because of these sanctioned deductions versus projects donated by private individuals like school houses to the government kasi wala ng tax, etc.
  • Ang tatlo diri sa Right mga ex Born Again nga nag backslide sa kanamit
    sang makaka-libutan nga bisyo. 
    Lab Anque Kung minsan daw kuhanan ng picture na work is in progress then they want more funding because the original funds are depleted. The project becomes a failure. I think we need politicians who will make a change for the better. Where are they though?
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  • Maybelle de los Santos There's good news for you. I was with a group of prosecutors two weeks ago, and they were talking about the latest proposal of amending the Penal Code. They are now doing away with estafas, libels and oral defamations in the new law. The prospect makes me grin with hope. At last, I can start my media career without fear of harassment or incarceration.
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  • Lab Anque Sabi nga ng isang tropa pagkatapos maissue ang cheque 20 percent na ang nawala sa funding. Ang ganda pala na paraan ano?
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  • Lab Anque Ok lang ma incarcerate ang lisod kon ma 6 ft under the ground... Ingat lang lagi...
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  • Lab AnqueExtinct na ang mga politicians nga amo sina. Sang mga two years ago kaistorya ko ang Regional Director sang NIA sa amon nga kung diin ang asawa niya kag bata private contractors sang NIA himo irrigasyon, siling niya sa tanan nga congressmen sa Region 1 (Ilocos Norte, Sur, La Union, Pangasinan) tanan ga pangayo SOP except ang mag asawa nga congressmen Cojuangco nga hambalon pa nila private contractor: "Boss iyong SOP na ibibigay niyo sa amin, idagdag mo na lang sa irigation or kalsada"
  • Mortz Marcelo Ortigoza Lab Anque, tolerable pa to some ang up to 40% or 60% nga cut ng congressman sa isang project. It became worse when Napoles entered the scene, kahit piso wala! ni Magic nila (Napoles, Senators, congressmen)
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  • Lab Anque Ha, ha, ha...
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  • Mortz Marcelo Ortigoza Maybelle de los Santos, baka Bouncing Check Law (BP 22) ang ipa de criminalize nila not Estafa (baw pag wala na estafa, basi ibaligya ko na plaza sang Mlang sa kay Totit, sa mga Saures hindi na ako makukulong
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  • Mortz Marcelo Ortigoza Tell ko ang congresswoman sa Pangasinan, maam sila Cojuangco daw hindi humihingi ng SOP (cut). Sabi ng powerful congresswoman: ikaw naman MOrtz, siempri mayaman na sila Cojuangco (Cojuangcos are part owners of San Miguel Corporations and owner of Northern Cement.)
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  • Lab Anque Sabi ng isang tropa na politician, maliit lang ang sahod pero sa construction contracts naman bumabawi. Ang asawa daw ay may construction company at ang government contracts ay ibinibigay sa company ng asawa. kaya kailangan talaga ng malaking pagbabago.
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  • Mortz Marcelo Ortigoza Basing sa experienced ko rubbing elbows with these politicians and public officials, lahat iyan halos 2 or 3 ang S.U.V, may bahay sa Manila, at galante sa bigayan ng pera. Ginabuldos ang kuarta sa B.I.R, Custom, DPWH, mayors nga may jueteng, police, etc
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  • Lab Anque Kailangan mawala ang political dynasty. Kaso lang malakas pa rin ang kumpadre system....
  • Mortz Marcelo Ortigoza hindi mawawala ang political dynasty kung congress lang gagawa ng batas. members of congress have children and spouses who are mayor, governor, etc.
  • Mortz Marcelo Ortigoza Saka ang kurakot sa SOP hindi rin mawawala iyan hanggang may nakapila sa bahay ng congressman, mayor, gov humihingi ng pang ospital, pamasahe pauwi manila or probinsya, kaba-ong, etc. dian kinukuha ang pinamimigay sa ta-o . without that, talo na ang pulitiko sa reelection niya.
  • Maybelle de los Santos Tuod, To, Estafa gid ya, gin klaro ko. Kibot gani ko, mong.
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  • Maybelle de los Santos Lab, kon 6ft below the ground ang solution nila to silence me, I will not allow that without putting a valiant fight. Im very good at 45s, and planning to buy a baby armalite.
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  • Maybelle de los Santos Erratum: I will not allow that without putting UP a valiant fight!

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