Thursday, January 21, 2016

War between U.S, China remote - FVR

Nuclear War between them will destroy humanity

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

A graduate of the elite United States Military Academy and former Philippine president did not believe that the brinkmanship between the United States and China at the Spratly Islands will  result to war.
CAVEAT. Author giving a hardbound book by former U.S State Secretary
Alexander Haig titled "Caveat" to former Philippine President Fidel V.Ramos
 at the Department of Foreign Affairs' satellite office in Pangasinan. Haig 
and Ramos are alumni of the United States Military Academy at
West Point in New York.

Former President Fidel V. Ramos said the U.S and China need not plunge themselves to war because it would be mutually assured destruction for them and to the U.S allies in the East Asia Region.
“You visit your homework. I wrote about this since 12 years ago. In the 21st Century you don’t talked about the 19th or 20th Century. Nobody wants war especially World War III because of the massive destruction and the thermal radiation wave of modern weapons,” he stressed to Northern Watch when he graced the inauguration of the satellite office of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Calasiao, Pangasinan.
Ramos cited an instance that the latest hydrogen bomb is 5000 times more lethal than the atom bomb dropped by the B-29 Super Fortress bombers at Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan on August 1945.
“You don’t need a B-29, you just pressed the button. But the U.S study says counter-strike. Somebody has to push the button with the coordination of the 38th Parallel. With the strike and counter strike all of a sudden all that will disappear,” Ramos, who is known as FVR, said last Sunday.

Amend Constitution for more jobs - Grace Poe

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

POZORRUBIO  - At last a presidential bet courageously acknowledged that amending the Constitution for 100% foreign ownership just like in Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore would generate more jobs among Filipinos.

VIDEO where Philippines Presidential Bet Grace Poe acknowledges to political columnist Mortz Ortigoza's perennial proposal that she is open to amend the economic provision of the Constitution so more foreign investors come to the country and generate more jobs.

Senator Mary Grace Poe told reporters here that how can Filipinos find a job when there are fewer investors that could provide employment in the Philippines.
“Tama ang sinabi ninyo. Bakit? Walang namumuhunan sa atin sapagkat ang ating infrastructure. Paano sila makakarating sa lugar sa tamang oras kung walang utilities (like airport) (You hit the nail on its head on amendment. Why? No one wants to invest in the Philippines because of the lack of infrastructures. How can they punctually arrived on their destination when there are no facilities like airport),” she answered to the pose by Northern Watch how pathetic the country was when it got only U.S$ 6.2 billion 2014 foreign direct investment (FDI) while FDI poured $ 9.2 billion in Vietnam, $ 22.6 billion in Indonesia, $12.6 Thailand, and S67.5 billion in Singapore in the same year according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) had already eclipsed the country.
Poe cited why foreign investors were lukewarm to pour their capitals in the country.
“Una, ang taas ng ating personal and corporate taxes. So bakit tayo mamumuhunan dito ang dami mong babayaran na buwis, doon na tayo mamuhunan sa ibang bayan sa China at sa Vietnam (First, we have a prohibitive personal and corporate taxes. So why they would invest here where they would be burdened with heavy taxes when they could go to China or Vietnam that offer them better incentives),” she said.

She declared that she is open for the amendment of the xenophobic 60-40 percent economic provision of the Philippine Constitution so foreign investors can own 100 percent of the business capitals in the country and not be relegated to the 40 percent as minority stock owners.


Arrested ex-PDEA agent's surveillance work 'illegal' —PNP Brass
The Philippine National Police (PNP) on Thursday said Lt. Col. Ferdinand Marcelino's claim that he was performing surveillance work when arrested in an anti-illegal drug operation was illegal if true.
DRUG BUSTER BUSTED. After they raided a drug den in Dagupan City on 2010 I told then Major Ferdinand Marcelino (extreme right) "You're the saving grace of the anti drug drive of the government after he arrested earlier the Ayala Boys". Then I saw him going for several times in the U.S and even meeting my brother who was his military professor at PMA. Today, Marine Lt. Col. Marcelino was arrested by the PDEA in a drug storage facilities in Sta. Cruz, Manila with more or less 64 kilograms of suspected shabu placed worth P320M, assorted chemicals, and other laboratory equipment.
PHOTO: From left, Mortz, PDEA Regional Director Robert Opena (my neighbor when I was a kid at PMA),and Major Ferdie Marcelino
According to Sr. Supt. Antonio Gardiola Jr. of the Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Force, Marcelino had no business in the place where he was arrested as anti-drug operations are not among the responsibilities of a soldier.
Marcelino, a former government drug buster, was among those arrested in a raid in a shabu laboratory in Sta. Cruz, Manila, on Thursday morning by operatives of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).
Seized from the group, which also included a Filipino-Chinese national who was once an interpreter in PDEA, were 64 kilos of suspected shabu.
Gardiola admitted that Marcelino, who was part of PDEA when the agency was under retired military general Dionisio Santiago, was neither on their record nor on their watch list.
While Interior and Local Government Secretary Mel Senen Sarmiento lauded the successful operation, PDEA chief Arturo Cacdac Jr. said they were saddened that a former PDEA member was among those arrested.
Cacdac described Marcelino as someone who has contributed a lot during his stint in PDEA. He also said Marcelino's arrest showed that "no one is above the law."
For his part, Marcelino appealed to the media to focus on his case as he insisted that he was just performing surveillance work in the area.
Gardiola said they will look into Marcelino's recent activities to determine his relationship with the arrested Filipino-Chinese suspect.
Navy statement
Meanwhile, the Philippine Navy said it will not condone  any illegal activities by its members, even if they have yet to ascertain if Marcelino is the same Lt. Col. Ferdinand Marcelino among its active Marine officers.
"As (of) this time, the Phil. Navy is not aware either of the circumstances of the arrest or if the person arrested and the one in our record are the same. Assuming that he is the same person, the Navy is not aware of the reason for his alleged presence in the location of the raid," said Col. Edgar Arevalo, Navy spokesman.
"If the person reported is indeed a member of the Navy and clearly in violation of our laws, (the Navy) will cooperate actively in the implementation of the law," Arevalo added. — Oscar Oida/KBK/RSJ, GMA News

Friday, December 25, 2015

Kailangan din ang mag sinungaling

By Anonymous

Ito nga ba ang alamat kung bakit nagsi-sinungaling ang mga lalaki?
Karpintero itong si Joel at isang araw eh gumagawa siya ng isang bahay sa tabi ng ilog.
Sa lakas ng pagma-martilyo niya eh nalaglag ang martilyo niya sa ilog.

Umiyak siya at lumitaw yung guardian angel niya,
"tutulungan kita, Joel"
...sabay lundag sa ilog.

Lumabas ito na me hawak na gold hammer,
"ito ba ang martilyo mo?"...
"hindi po"...
Lundag uli ang anghel at lumitaw na me silver hammer,
"ito ba?"...
"hindi po"...

Lundag uli sa ilog ang anghel at lumitaw na me ordinary hammer,
"ito ba?"..."
Opo" ...natuwa ang anghel.
"Dahil honest ka, bukod sa martilyo mo, sa'yo na rin ang gold and silver hammer"...
Makaraan ang ilang araw, naglalakad si Joel sa ilog at kasama ang misis niya.
Eh sa katangahan, nalaglag si misis sa ilog...iyak si Joel.
Litaw si guardian angel, "tutulungan kita"...
sabay lundag sa ilog at ng lumitaw eh kasama si Sam Pinto,
"ito ba ang misis mo?"
...sagot si Joel,
...nagalit si anghel,
"sinungaling ka. Akala ko pa naman mabait ka Joel"...

Nag- reason-out si Joel,
"Sorry po, guardian angel...kasi kapag sinabi kong 'Hindi', eh lulundag ka uli sa tubig at pag-litaw mo eh kasama mo si Megan Fox. At pag sinabi ko uli na hindi siya ang asawa ko, eh lulundag ka uli at ang tunay na misis ko na ang kasama mo.
At dahil sa kabaitan ko, eh ibibigay mo din sa akin sina Sam Pinto at Megan Fox!
Mahirap lang po ako at hindi ko kaya ang me tatlong asawa, kaya 'Yes' na lang ang
sinagot ko nung una."
                                        MORAL OF THE STORY:

Kaya lang naman nagsi-sinungaling ang mga lalaki eh for a good and noble reason.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Duterte-Cayetano pushes for Mindanao railway system to ensure efficient food supply

If they get elected in higher office next year, the 2016 electoral tandem of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano will push for the completion of the Mindanao Railway System, which, if constructed, would connect all food producing provinces in the region and ensure a more efficient and low-cost transport of food commodities throughout the country.

This is what the senator said during a consultative meeting with lacatan banana farmers based in Kidapawan City. Cayetano was in the city on Wednesday to attend a Federalism Forum organized by Hugpong Pederal, a movement that is backing Mayor Duterte’s proposal for a federal form of government in the Philippines.

The farmers complained that their products are being damaged due to the lack of a proper transport and shipping system in the region.

Cayetano said that establishing a railway system in Mindanao will particularly make it easier for farmers to transfer food commodities from agricultural areas like North Cotabato to the ports of Davao, General Santos, and Cagayan de Oro. Landlocked agricultural areas with no access to ports or cargo-loading airports will greatly benefit from the project, he added.

The vice-presidental hopeful assured that the 200-kilometer railway system will be among the priorities of a Duterte-Cayetano government, stressing that the P75-billion project will ensure low-cost food supply not only for Mindanaoans, but for the entire country as well.

Cayetano stressed that despite the strategic importance of a Mindanao Railway System, the national government continued to exclude it from its development plan. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My interview with Grace Poe on EDCA and her Citizenship

I asked this afternoon Philippine presidential front runner  and  Senator Mary Grace Poe on whether she will vote for a military treaty’s Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement between the Philippines and the United States in case the Supreme Court strikes it out as unconstitutional since it fails to have the Senate’s concurrence. Ortigoza inquired too Poe if her re-acquisition of her Philippine Citizenship through Citizenship Retention and Re-acquisition Act of 2003  (Republic Act 9225) is the all encompassing act that shroud her being a natural citizenship and makes her qualified to run as presidential candidate of the Philippines as required by the Constitution. Excerpts:

Interviewer Ortigoza poses with Senator Grace Poe in one of the latter
visits at San Carlos City, the city, of her late father actor Fernando
Poe, Jr.

MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA (MCO): Sa Resolution po ng Senado karamihan gusto nila ang Senado ratify the EDCA (Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement).

GRACE POE (GP): (Pause)

MCO: Iyong executive military agreement between the United States and the Philippine Government sa Resolution ni Senator (Merriam) Santiago that there could be no EDCA without the concurrence of the Senate.

GP: Opo

MCO: Maam, anytime from now ang Supreme Court kasi magde-decision sa Constitutionality ng EDCA.

GP: Opo

MCO: In case i-sustain ng Supreme Court ang petition (by Harry Roque, Former Senators Rene Saguisag and Wigberto Tanada, et al) na unconstitutional the EDCA, pag nilagay sa Senado, are you in favour for EDCA (as we face the incessant Chinese incursion in our territories)?

GP: Para sa amin po kasi kailangan ang Senado na magkaroon ng pagkakataon na i-review ito. Kasama po ito sa trabaho ng Senado - responsibilidad. Ngayon, at ang Senado  rin ang magde-determine kung kailangan talaga ito. O bago itong kasundu-an o ito ba ang karagdagan lang sa dati.

Sa tanung  ninyo, importante na magkaroon ng mga maitutulong sa ating siguridad. Pero kailangan natin rebyuhin iyong proposal bago magbigay ng commitment dito. Kaya nga hinihingi natin iyong sa Senado.

MCO: Former U.E Dean Amado Valdez discussed about three talking points about your citizenship in 2006, 2010, and 2011 when he filed recently at the Comelec for your disqualification in the presidential race.

2006 July was  your availing the Citizenship Retention and Re-acquisition Act of 2003  (Republic Act 9225), 2010 October 21 was when you renounced your American citizenship when you took an oath in a Philippine government’s office, 2011 when you re-affirmed the renunciation before a vice consul at the United States embassy in Manila.

Ano ba meron doon sa 2006 na para iyon ang all encompassing arguments ng part ninyo?

Mga imported nasa loob ng Kabaong ni Inay

Reprinted from an Anonymous Author
Registered nurse si Bebeng sa L.A. Kasama niya ang kanyang ina na nagpagamot doon. Namatay ang ina nito. Dahil sa kamahalan ng pamasahe pabalik sa Pilipinas, nagtipid si Bebeng. Pinauwi na lang niya ang kabaong ng kanyang ina na mag-isa.
Pagdating ng kabaong, napansin ng mga kapamilya niya na nakadikit ang mukha ng ina sa salamin ng ataul. Nagkomento tuloy ang isang anak, "Ay, naku! Tingnan mo 'yan... hindi sila marunong mag-ayos ng bangkay sa Amerika! Nakudrado tuloy ang mukha ng inay."
Upang ayusin ang itsura ng bangkay, binuksan ang kabaong. Aba ! May sulat na naka-staple sa dibdib ng ina. Kinuha nila ito at binasa. Ang nilalaman ng liham na mula kay Bebeng:
Mahal kong tatay at mga kapatid:
Pasensya na kayo at hindi ko nasamahan ang nanay sa pag-uwi riyan sa Pilipinas dahil napakamahal ng pamasahe. "Ang gastos ko pa lang sa kanya ay mahigit $10,000 na. Ayoko nang isipin pa ang eksaktong halaga. Anyway, ipinadala ko kasama ni nanay ang mga sumusunod...
Nasa likod ni nanay ang dalawampu't apat na karnenorte at isang dosenang spam. Ang adidas na suot ni nanay ay para kay tatay. Ang limang pares ng de-goma ay nasa loob ng dalawang asul na Jansport na backpack na inuunan ni nanay. Tig-iisa kayo.
Ang iba't-ibang klase ng tsokolate at candy ay nasa puwetan ni nanay. Para sa mga bata ito. Bahala na kayong magparte-parte. Sana'y hindi natunaw. Ang pokemon stuffed toy na yapos-yapos ni nanay ay para sa bunso ni ate. Gift ko sa first birthday ng bata. Ang itim na Esprit bag ay para kay Nene.
Ate, nasa loob ng bag ang pictures ni inay, japanese version ng pokemon trading cards at stickers. "Suot ni nanay ang tatlong Ralph Lauren, apat na Gap at dalawang Old Navy t-shirts. Ang isa ay para kay Kuya at tig-iisa ang mga pamangkin ko. Maisusuot ninyo ang mga iyan sa fiesta.
Suot din ni inay ang anim na panty hose at tatlong warmer para sa mga dalaga kong pamangkin. Isuot nyo sa party. May isang dosenang NBA caps sa may paanan ni nanay. Para sa inyo, itay, kuya, dikong, Tiyo Romy. Bigyan nyo na rin ng tig-isa 'yung mga pamangkin ko at 'yong isa ay kay Pareng Tulume.
Ang tigdadalawang pares ng Nike wristband at knee caps na suot-suot din ni nanay ay para sa mga anak mo, diko, na nagbabasketball. Tigdadalawang ream ng Marlboro lights at Winston red ang nasa pagitan ng mga hita ni nanay.
Apat na jar ng Skippy Peanut Butter, dalawang dishwashing liquid, isang Kiwi glass cleaner at tig-aanim na Colgate at Aqua Fresh ang nakasiksik sa kilikili ni nanay. Hati-hati na kayo, huwag mag-aagawan.