Thursday, June 8, 2017

Army officer uses men as bait to locate Muslims' snipers

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

“Son of a gun, so the PC had the likes of  Colonel Amado Espino while the other branches of service had their heroes. Were you familiar with Army’s hero Julius Javier (a goat or the last in the honor roll of the PMA Class of 1970 but became general) and legendary artillery man Army General Rodolfo Canieso (PMA Class of 1956). Si Julius Javier may movie pa titled the Scout Ranger!” I enthused.
Congressman Pol Bataoil, a former police two-star general, emphatically told me the feats of Javier, an Ilonggo like me.
Image result for scout ranger sniper
Filipino elite soldiers Scout Ranger
“Even as company commander he joined patrol and engaged the Muslim rebels in Mindanao in a fire fight. There was an incident where Moro snipers were hiding on the trees in the forest and they were pinning down his troop”
Bataoil recalled how Javier ordered one of his men to run as bait for the sniper.
“Ninerbiyos ang sundalo but he had to comply while running as the sniper tried to pin him down. Javier watched where the shot came from then Javier fired at the location of the sniper”.
Sometimes the sniper, the solon explained, could not be hit and he had to order another soldier to run as bait.
“One of the soldiers dreaded that he would die would not comply with the order. An angry Javier then asked him to watch and fire where the shot came from as he would use himself as the running target.
After he ran, he shouted at the nervous soldier if he hit the shooter from the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).
“Hinde po sir,!” the soldier shouted back.
Javier asked the soldier to run as bait. The soldier hesitated.
“Javier shouted pag di ka tumakbo, ako ang babaril sa iyo!”
The former two- star police general said the poor soldier complied as Javier trained his Armalite rifle to the whereabouts of the Moro’s marksman.
“Sir, may mga tall tales about Canieso, an ilonggo and kanyonero, I heard among non-officers when I visited Awang Dinaig , Maguindanao Air Force base where my father was assigned in the late 1970s,” I said.

“Totoo ba sir na iyong mga (Army) draftee, still wet behind their ears, sa Liguasan Marsh kinankanyon ni Canieso sa likuran nila kasi tatakbo sila from the MNLF who were armed with Belgium made FAL or Fusil Automatique Léger assault rifles given by Libya president Muammar Gaddafi? At ang sabi pa ni Canieso to his worried commanders dahil andaming patay sa Army na huwag ma-mrublema kasi marami pang Ilocano sa Luzon na puwedeng hakutin sa eroplano para ilaban sa Moro?
Batoil told me his version: 
He said that battle ensued in Jolo. President Ferdinand Marcos called probably via radio Canieso and asked why a lot of casualties on the side of the government.
“He told the president that the huge death happened too at the side of the rebels. Normal lang daw sa giyera iyong casualties. He said: “Mr. President do not worry about the casualties on our side. We can still bring a lot of Ilocanos from Luzon to fight the rebels to the end” the solon stressed.
“Kinabukasan relieved na si General Canieso in his post,” Bataoil amusedly told me.
“Lenti iho de puta gid!” I mumbled in our vernacular
When Cory Aquino became president after Marcos was toppled in 1986, Aquino appointed Canieso as the 28th Commanding General of the Army of the New Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Face Book's posts of Philippine Army's hero retired General Julius Javier to me and my brother Gabriel Ortigoza, an Airborne and former Military Professor at the Philippine Military Academy - the place where we were born. You can read the article of these FB's exchanges at Shocked mailman, wife invited to presidential dinner

At 3:30 pm of October 26, 2016, while waiting at the gate of the Sual Wharf for my identification card as my clearance for the Presidential Security Group to enter and cover the Philippine’s president, I saw military top brass like those in the Navy and Marines and police generals with ranks up to three stars waiting there too for President Duterte.
When Regional Director Greg Pimentel (PMA Class ’85) , who was in a huddle with two colonels, clad in camouflage uniform from the army special forces and navy, he called me and told the duo I lived in PMA before.
“What class po kayo?” I posed to the young officers and gentlemen whose names were Navy Captain (Colonel) Erick Kagaoan and Army Colonel Batle.
“I’m 1987,” Kagaoan smiled.’

“Oh, mag ko-commodore (one star general) na ito, sir,” I told General Pimentel.
Kagaonan, commander of the Naval Forces Northern Luzon, told me he was waiting for his star anytime this year. He said he is the president of the Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association (PMAAAA).
“Ako ang president ng Triple A this year,” he told Batle.
He said as part of the social activity of the Triple A he and staff visited Muntinlupa to see how four prisoners who are members of the PMAAA have been doing there. Two of them were Army General Carlos Garcia and Police Colonel Dionesio Borromeo who is actively doing his pastor calling.
The amiable Batle, told me he was Class 1988.
I told them something that could make them reminisce (including the PMAyers probably from Class 1980 to present who read this blog/column) PMA.
 “Don’t you know that Susan or Sunzu the supervisor of the waiters and waitresses of the bachoyan (a noodle soup made with pork organs and others) of retired Colonel Orlindo C Caingcoy located at the bowling  has a son who joined the PMA?”
PMAyers at the wharf including those air force pilots eavesdropped at our conversation.
Kagaoan said that Colonel Caingoy, an ilonggo from Iloilo and former PMA professor, has a son in law who is a commodore in the Navy.
“Son in law ni Colonel Caingcoy si Commodore Sam Felix”
“Oo, nakikita ko sila pag nagsisimba ako doon sa protestant church when I go to PMA,” I told them.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Lala Unopposed for Cotabato's Congressional Seat - Analyst


Before I proceeded recently to Davao City for my 11:30 pm flight to Manila, I side tripped at Kidapawan City  from the rustic town of M’lang (town of Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol and Health Secretary  Paulyn Jean Ubial) and conferred with Mindanao's political kibitzer Luvin Candari about the electoral landscapes of the Southern Island  and the probable congressional, gubernatorial, and mayoral wannabees in the 2019 polls.
Image result for governor lala talino mendoza
North Cotabato's Governor Lala Taliño-Mendoza

We broke breads and quaffed our brewed coffee there at AJ Hi Time Hotel, the watering hole of politicians and bigwigs of Central Mindanao, while I pressed the kibitzer for valuable information I could use on my radio and blog.
Mr. Candari, a school mate in high school, told me that Cotabato Province's outgoing governor Emmylou “Lala” Talino Mendoza would be running unopposed for the 2019 congressional poll in the province’s Third Congressional District.
“What would happen to Representative Jose “Pingping” Tejada, my town mate in M’lang, he has still reelection to crack,” I posed.
Luvin said that Tejada could acquiesce to the ambition of the governor and run instead for the vice governorship under the ticket of Carmen Mayor Roger Talino, the father of Lala.
“Tejada could do nothing, he was a creation of the governor,” Luvin said.
By the way, according to then Duterte for President’s campaigner Pinol when I met him in Dagupan City, Roger came from Pangasinan.
My bilas Police Chief Superintendent (general in the military) Mariel Magaway told me that during the 2016 election campaign, a bearded man came to him while he was exchanging pleasantries with some generals.
The man introduced (probably saluting them) himself to him.
“Sir, kilala niyo pa ba ako?” the older Talino, the rubber and palm oil Czar of Cotabato, asked the then Colonel Magaway.
“Familiar kayo sa akin manong,” Magaway, a “mistah” at the PMA of PNP Chief Director General Ronald Dela Rosa, retorted.
“Tao niyo ako noon sa PC (defunct Philippine Constabulary) pa tayo,” the man said.
Talino, just like former Cotabato Province’s Governor Nick Dequina, that former Kabacan town Mayor, and even former U.S Defense Secretary Charles Timothy "Chuck" Hagel, was a Master Sergeant – the most senior ranked for non-officer in the police and the military.
The Talinos are likened to the Espinos in Pangasinan. They have the political machineries and wherewithal to knockout their opponents come election time.
But according to Candari, comes 2019 the electoral battle field would be exciting as former Mlang Mayor Lito Piñol, the present vice mayor and younger brother of the Secretary (bitter rivals of the Talinos for the governorship), would be duking it out with Roger and outgoing Second District ‘s Congresswoman Nancy Catamco.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Intel "Killer" nag surrender na sa M'lang PNP

M'LANG, COTABATO PROVINCE - Boluntaryo nga nag surender sa kapulisan karon nga adlaw ang suspek sa pagpatay kay P02 Lovelle Tan.
Image may contain: one or more people, tree and outdoor
Basi sa mga testimonya sang mga nakakita Nakilal-an ang suspek nga si Jerson "Kurata" Papna yara sa legal nga idad kag residente sang Barangay Bialong dire.
Suno kay Police Inspector Lito L. Patrona ang Deputy Chief sang police dire samtang naga patigayun sila sang manhunt operation kalambigit sa nahitabo nga pagpusil kag pag patay sa isa ka police diri
nagtawag ining suspect kay Mayor Russel Abonado kag nag pahibalo nga mag surender na daw kuno siya.
Dayun nag diretso ang mga kupulisan sa  Barangay Sangat Mlang Cotabato  kag didto nila gin dakop si Papna.
Dugang ni Patrona nga personal ang rason sang suspek nga-a gin luthang niya ang biktima.
Yara na  karon sa detention cell sang kapulisan diri ang suspect kag maga atubang siya sang kaso nga homicide o  murder.
Nagapadayun sa gihapun ang imbestiligasyon sang kapulisan kalambigit sa pag pamusil kung basi may ara pa sang mas madalum nga rason ining suspect sa pagpatay sa kay P02 Tan
Joseph Ballejera
Ora mismo

Sunday, February 26, 2017


MLANG, COTABATO PROVINCE - Dead on the spot ang isa ka intellegence operative sang  police diri sa first class town human ini gin pusil pasado alas 8 subong nga aga .
Image may contain: 1 person, closeup
Police Officer-2 Lovelle Tan
Nahibaluan nga naga-pangape kag naga cut sang bonsai ining si Police Officer-2 Lovelle Tan sang kalit ini tiro sang pito ka beses sang wlaa makilal-an nga gunman sa mismo nga manokan sini sa Paterno St. Poblacion A dire.
Multiple gun shot wounds halin sa likod nga nag lusot sa dughan nga parti sang lawas sang biktima ang pinaka rason sang paspas sini nga kamatayun
Suno sa wala na magpakilala nga saksi nga pagkahuman namusil sang suspek dayon ini nagsibat sakay sa  maroon nga Kawasaki Barako pero wla niya ini makilal-an.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mga naga-inum nga soltero sa M'lang gin Armalite, 1 patay, 1 Kritikal

Sulat ni Joseph Ballejera
M'LANG - Patay ang isa ka lalaki kag kritikal naman ang kundition sang isa pa ka lalaki sang ginpaulanan ini sang bala samtang naga inuman sa Mlang North Cotabatao kagabii.
Image may contain: 1 person, food
Nahitabo ang pagpamusil alas 9:10 kagabii sa Salaksakan Purok 3 Poblacion A Mlang North Cotabato samtang naga inuman ining mga biktima nga sila Furtunato "Nonoy" Lavega 57 anyos kag residente sa Barangay Inas Mlang Cot kag temporaryo nga naga uli sa Poblacion A Mlang, kag Ronnel G. Dela Cruz 22 anyos kag residente sang Salaksakan Poblacion A Mlang Cotabato.
Sa testimonya ni LuiRick Flores Purok President sang Purok 3 Poblacion A Mlang Cotabatao kag kainuman sining duha ka biktima pagtalikod nya lang halin sa lamisa nga ginatagayan, bigla nalang gin luthang sang pila ka besis ining mga biktima sang duha
ka wla nya maitsurahan ka mga lalaki nga naga sakay sa pula nga baja motorcyle kag dayun nag sibat sa wla na mahibaluan nga direksyon.
Daun gin dali dali sa Mlang Doctors Hospital ining si Lavega pero gin refer dayun sa Kidapawan Medical Specialist Center para sa mas madalumay nga medical nga atention mahitungod sa kritikal ang kondisyon sini nga Multiple gun shoot wound sa tiyan nga parti sa lawas sining biktima, kag suno sa Mlang Pnp halin sa Kidapawan Medical Specialist gin refer naman ini sa Cotabato Provincial Hospital pero gin diklara nga dead on arival banda alas 11 kagabii.
Kag sa Mlang District Hospital naman gindla ining si 22 anyos nga si Dela Cruz pero gin refer gihapun sa Balay tambalanan sa kidapawan mahitungod sa wla untat ang pag bleeding sang samad sini sa tuo nga parti sang paa nga igo gihapun sang bala.
Image may contain: one or more people and people sitting
One of the victims is rushed to the hospital for treatment
Sumala pa sa ginikanan sining 22 anyos nga si Dela Cruz si Lavega gid ang target sa pag pamusil kag nadamay nalang ining ila nga bata nga naigo sa paa.
Dayun nagpatigayun sang manhunt operation ang kapulisan sang mlang pero wla na naabtan pa ang mga suspetsado nga naka riding in tandem.
Nakuha halin sa nahitabuan sang pagpamusil ang onse ka basiyo sang 5.56 nga bala sang m16 armalite rifle.
Sa pagkakarun Blangko pa ang kapulisan sa motibo sa pagpamusil sa mga biktima kag sa responsable sa nahitabo nga kremin.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Are we winning the Drug War?

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Skeptics on President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on illegal drugs compared Thailand’s war on narcotics where almost 3,000 died in the First Drug War in February to April 2003 and countless died in the Second Drug War in 2005.
AUTHOR TOOK THIS PHOTO. Slain suspected dangerous
 drug seller former Pangasinan's policeman Vicente Moulic who tried
to shoot- it-out with the police poseur buyer in Dagupan City last 


Despite the thousands of persons  killed in Thailand and those 6000 individuals who died in legitimate police operation and those on Death Under Investigation (D.U.I)  in the Philippines war on dangerous drugs, these skeptics say Duterte’s war on narcotics is destined to fail.
But as a radio commentator and journalist who visit regularly city and town mayors and chiefs of police in the 48 cities and towns’ Pangasinan, I could say that the dangerous drugs war launched by the Duterte Administration are picking up and resulted to significant drop not only of drug pushing and using but of index crimes like theft, robbery, and other petty crimes.
In Alaminos City, Police Chief Superintendent Benjamin Ariola cited recently that only two of the 39 villages in this Western Pangasinan city are still not illegal drug free. Dagupan City’s Chief of Police Superintendent Neil Miro declared in January 12 the city as 90.2 percent after narcotics prevalent Barangay Pantal and Pogo Chico of the 31 villages’ city were publicly announced as drug free.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Corruptions at the Register of Deeds, Assessors

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

Rose Buenaflor, niece of Health Secretary Paulyn Jean Buenaflor Rosell-Ubial (like Agriculture Secretary Manny Pinol, both of them are my town mate in M’lang, Cotabato) told me Ubial and her Iloilo based farmer husband Edwin lived in a modest condominium in Pasay.
Image result for register of deeds
I staggered upon seeing the photos of Rose and the Ubials inside the condominium, the DOH Secretary lives a modest life while directors of government hospitals in the Philippines splurged with their unexplained wealth like palatial mansions and fleet of expensive cars thanks but no thanks to the up to 30 percent S.O.P or cut they fleeced from contractors and suppliers.
S.O.P or standard operating procedure, a euphemism, concocted by the malefactors in the government and their conspirators in the private sectors are usually done when a contractor or supplier, say of medicine, transact with a government office.
 “Those at the DOH are more corrupt, “I told Harold Barcelona on our daily radio program.
“They are not only Tulisan (Brigand), they are “Three-lisan” (from a play of words Two-lisan to Three-lisan),” Harold declared.
Aside from the Bureau of Customs, Land Transportation Office, and the Bureau of Internal Revenue that President Rodrigo Duterte called earlier as most corrupt agencies, he should pounce too at the Register of Deeds and those in the municipal and provincial assessors office.
If these officials choose to shoot it out with the police, the cops know already what to do like the way they did to narc pushers.
A corrupt assessor official could make a sleight of hand tricks for a huge fee to declassify the land the vendor sells to the vendee from commercial to either residential or agricultural.