Monday, February 28, 2011

Bangus Festival

The Bangus Festival is one of the most prominent festivals in Philippines. Bangus Festival, Philippines starts with the ceremonial lighting of 1,000 barbecue grills. These grills are used to cook ...

thousands of Bangus or Milk fish, famous in the country. The barbecue grills used in the Bangus Festival, Philippines stretch for nearly two-kilometers. Due to this reason, Philippines holds the Guinness World Record for possessing the longest barbecue grill. During the Bangus Festival, hundreds of cooks participate in the fish cooking competition. Grilling is not the only thing stressed at in the competition. While the competition goes on, hundreds of chefs compete to cook the tastiest and most creative Bangus dish. This competition is famous by the name '101 Ways to Cook Bangus' competition.
Another competition witnessed during the Bangus Festival in Philippines is the Bangus Rodeo. This comprises a Bangus eating competition followed by a contest for the fish themselves. This is the most unique aspect of the Bangus Festival, Philippines. The heaviest and the biggest fishes are awarded with prizes. The Bangus Festival, Philippines culminates with a street party. This party starts with the performances of dancers who celebrate the Bangus harvest. After sometime, everybody joins in the merriment. Eating is a special part of the Bangus Festival, Philippines.
Bangus Festival, Philippines is a yearly event that highlights the local bangus industry. Not only that, the festival establishes Dagupan City as a major tourist destination and promotes the city as the "Bangus Capital of the World." Bangus Festival, Philippines was started by Mayor Benjamin S. Lim of Dagupan. He wanted to start the festival to lay emphasis on Bonuan bangus. This fish is said to have a unique taste of its own.
There are many activities related to the Bangus Festival, Philippines. These include the Bangus ed Carosa, a float parade on April 28, the Bangus Rodeo on April 29, the Kalutan ed Dagupan on April 30 and Pista'y Dayat or the Sea Festival on May 1. The cooking competition takes place on April 27 at the City People's Astrodome.
The Bangus Festival is one of the best events and festivals in Philippines. Bangus Festival, Philippines has given the country international fame.

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