Monday, February 28, 2011


DAGUPAN CITY – Preliminary preparations are now being undertaken by the interim Bangus Festival 2011 executive committee headed by Maximo “Beep-Beep” Tan, Alex Siapno and the City Tourism Office as Mayor Benjamin S. Lim has yet to appoint a chairman in the coming days.

The Festival of the North is one of the major events of the festival to include the main event Kalutan ed Dagupan which may take place in its original venue, the whole downtown stretch of A. B. Fernandez Avenue as requested by business entrepreneurs along the area...

The festival is now on its eight year since Lim started it in 2002. The event was just a part then of the Pista’y Dayat celebration, but his vision was to see to it that the name of Dagupan City becomes a global by-word and hitting the international scene by breaking a Guinnes World Record through the Kalutan ed Dagupan.

Lim made a plea back in 2002 that the sustainability of the bangus industry be preserved and guarded and asked fisher folk entrepreneurs to become stewards of this livelihood. It was then that his administration assured everyone to dredge the silted rivers and gave surety that cleanliness is the order of the day.

For now, Bangus Festival is already an institution. It has become a new tradition that Dagupeños and tourist alike eagerly await every year. But most of all, the festival has become a symbol of unity that binds every Dagupeño.

In expanding the bangus industry, Lim was then hopeful that eventually a bangus processing plant which he envisioned to erect in the city be realized.

His dream became true but unfortunately, at this point in time, the processing plant landed in the hands of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources by virtue of Sangguniang Panglunsod Resolution No. 6510-2010.

For now, the city tourism serves as the Secretariat with phone number 515-8060. For further inquiries, look for Beep Tan and Alex Siapno. (CIO – Joseph C. Bacani)

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