Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hindi ko tinanggap ang Rosary gave ni VP Binay sa akin


Malas ko naman nahuli at namultahan ako ng LTO ng P100,000 sa new Fines' List ng agency.
 Lakas pa ng ulan from Urdaneta City to Dagupan City tapos mahuhuli ka lang ng ganito based on the Onerous (English iyan, means mabigat, oppressive) na Fines List !@#$%^&!


A friend asked me at FB kung binigyan daw ako kahapon ni Vice President Jojo Binay ng Rosary noong andito siya sa Pangasinan kahapon.

SAGOT KO: "Hindi ko tinangap iyong Rosario nandiri ako. Pero iyong paldo na pera sa sobre tinangap ko. Nandiri si Binay sa akin! Joke he he

Tanong ng isang kebegan ko sa Face Book si Colonel Pat Pinol ilan ang Mysteries meron iyong Rosary ni Vice President Nognog. 
Dahil ako ay Protestante ni research ko sa mga Catholic websites kung ilan ang power at birtud ng Rosario ni VP NogNog , ito po ang binigay sa akin ng Goggle Search: 
VP Binay's ballyhoed Rosary given to
the Unwashed of the Society.

 A 400-hectare farm in Rosario, Batangas [36]
A 40-hectare farm in Bauan, Batangas [37]
A 10-hectare mango orchard [38]

Two condominium units in Rockwell worth PhP 30 million not mentioned in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN) [39]
Three story mansion with elevator in Banuyo Street, San Antonio Village not mentioned in his SALN [40][41]
House and lot on Orbit Street, Bel-Air II Village not mentioned in his SALN [41][42]
House and lot in Palm Village, Guadalupe Viejo not mentioned in his SALN [41][42]
Rest House in Tali Beach, Batangas [41]
Rest House in Puerto Azul, Cavite [41]
Rest House in Tagaytay, Highlands [41]
Rest House in Alfonso, Cavite [41]
My earlier photo with Vice President Jojo Binay and former Congressman
Ranjit Ramos Shahani. Taken during the time that he (Binay) was not
yet being demonized by the media in relation to his
unexplained wealth.

Rest House in Zambales [41]
Rest House in Pangasinan [41]
More houses in Parañaque, Pasig, Mandaluyong, and Muntinlupa Cities [41]
600 ghost employees worth PhP 3 million a month authorized by wife, Elenita Binay and Amigas [41][43]
Wife Elenita's link to alleged deception in the public bidding for a PhP 72.06 million supply contract awarded to the Makati City government back in 2001 [41][41]
PhP 40 million bogus charity project for sister city [41]
PhP 27 million bogus charity project for calamity fund for other provinces [41]
PhP 22 million bogus charity project Project Aral Package [41]
PhP 20 million bogus charity project to send ambulances to other cities [41]
Use of Makati Foundation Day funds for a PhP 230 million infomercial being shown since 2009–present [41]
Use of PhP 15 million for the Komiks for Vice President Campaign [41]

Illegal canteen businesses in the University of Makati and the Makati City Hall [41]
Contract with Triforce Security Agency, owned by son-in-law, for the Makati City Hall [41]
Contract with maintenance service, Red Hammer Construction and Services, owned by other son-in-law [41].

Napasambulat si Colonel Pinol: "!@#$%%^  The list (of the Mysteries of the Binay Rosary) is endless. Endless love for money!" ani niya.


When I was in 2nd year high school the ship me and father rode arrived near dusk in Dadiangas (former Gen. Santos City) from Iloilo. The mini bus we rode arrived at Tacurong town at dusk. So nag hotel kami with a supervisor surname Javier of DepEd from Antique. Sabi niya he would be meeting relatives, the Javiers, in my town Mlang. The following morning my father told my mother about him eavesdropping (he pretended to sleep) while me and that old teacher discussed the content of that famous DepEd Journal distributed all over the country. The supervisor said he was a writer of that monthly magazine. "Parang matanda na rin si toto' (my nickname) noong nag-uusap sila ng supervisor". 
That's true, until now it still mind boggles me why I loved to talk with older male persons instead of my contemporary. Probably my mind set is matured than my age. But it still boggles me why I love talking with much younger female persons instead those who have the same age with me. Probably my heart is younger than my age. Something wrong here, eh Dr.Rene Pacolor, Dr. Cecile Rodrigo-Roldan, Dr. Emily Rodrigo-Andres, Dr. Miguel Filalan, and Dr. Cynthia Salvador-Bustillo ?

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