Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cops collar suspected bomb -maker in M'lang, Cotabato

                              ( REPRINTED FROM PNP'S COTABATO PROVINCE REPORT)
On September 6, 2016, at about 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon, Cotabato PoliceProvincial Office (CPPO) led by PSSUPT EMMANUEL BALOLOY PERALTA, Acting Provincial Director of CPPO; CPPSF Personnel; 45th SAC SAF; 2nd MC RPSB-12; 7th IB PA; Mlang MPS Personnel and 6O2nd Brigade PA troops jointly conducted Law Enforcement Operation (LEO) by implementing Search Warrants against aforementioned suspects at Purok 6, Brgy. Dunguan, Mlang, Cotabato for Violation of PD 1866 as amended by RA 10591 and RA 9516 (Illegal Possession of Explosives).
 Both suspects are identified IED-maker and nowhere to be found in their residence during the Search Warrant Implementation, however in the first target (Anwar Sandigan’s residence), the following explosives and IED components were seized from his residence, to wit; (a) one unit M67 Model Fragmentation Grenade, (b) six (6) pieces ordinary blasting cap No. 8, (c) thirty (30) inches ten grain detonating cord, (d) one (1) piece Nokia Cell phone, (e) one (1) piece QQ400 M&L mobile Cell phone, (f) one (1) piece 6120 Nokia Cell phone, (g) two (2) pieces slide switch assembly, (h) two (2) pieces 9 volts Eveready Battery, (i) one (1) piece soldering gun, (j) one (1) piece Samua YX- 360TR circuit tester, (k) seven (7) pieces AAA 1.5 volts Battery, (l) one (1) piece BT-168 Battery tester, (m) two (2) pieces test light, (n) two (2) pieces circuit board, (o) twenty (20) pieces Christmas light with red and black leg wire, (p) two (2) pieces 2P4M silicone controlled rectifier (SCR), (q) three (3) pieces 9 volts new leader battery, (r) one (1) piece AA Kingever 1,5 volts Battery, (s) two (2) pieces diode, (t) two (2) pieces slide switch, (u) one (1) piece remote control, (v) one(1) piece GDlite power supply, (w) undetermined amount of black powder, (x) five (5) pieces of Battery holder with capacitor,  one (1) piece Cell phone charger, (z) twenty six (26) pieces light emitting diode, (aa) one (1) piece unidentified cell phone, (bb) three (3) pieces circuit board, (cc) two (2) roles electrical stranded wire.

Likewise, recovered from the second target (Guiamadel Sandigan’s residence) at the same place are the following explosives and IED components, to wit; (a) five (5) pieces ordinary blasting cap No. 8, (b) two (2) pieces detonating cord (10grains), (c) one (1) piece cell phone with attached leg wires, (d) four (4) pieces battery holder with connected wires, (e) one (1) piece 9 volts Eveready battery, (f) two (2) pieces 9 volts battery (power plus brand), (g) one (1) piece 9 volts battery (new leader brand), (h) four (4) pieces AA Eveready battery, (i) one (1) piece circuit board with rocker switch, (j) one (1) piece circuit tester (YX-360 TR), (k) one (1) piece cell phone charger, (l) two (2) pieces SCR (2P4M model), (m) one (1) piece SCR with attached two sliding switch, (n) one (1) piece Nokia cell phone, (o) one (1) piece cherry mobile C7 model cell phone, (p) one (1) piece Torque P1 cell phone, (q) one paltik uzi pistol with sn 135279, (r) two motorcycles on a hut within the area without pertinent documents.

Further, another suspect in the person of Jokrie Andong Buisan, of legal age and a resident of Brgy. Inas, Mlang, Cotabato who was found in the house of Anwar Sandigan holding a WP Hand Grenade Model 34 (M34) was arrested in plainview and is now in the custody of Mlang MPS for filing of case in court.

Proper documentation, photographing, and inventory was conducted properly. The search warrant implementation was done in the presence of Hon. Jose Sagadan Sr, the Barangay Chairman of Brgy. Dunguan, Mlang and Mr. Joseph Ballejera, media representative.
PSSUPT PERALTA vowed to continue the conduct of the same operations until all suspected bombers in the Province of Cotabato are arrested or flushed out from our area.


    "Sir Mortz, hindi na magkapatid si Anwar kag Guiamadel. Si Guiamadel tatay na ni Anwar. Si Anwar wala ka eskwela sa Mlang National High School. Nakaagi eskwela sa Dungoan Elementary School pero wala ka tapos sang Grade Six.
    Si Anwar member gid man na siya sang BIFF. Pero ang Davao bombing malabo na sila sir Mortz ang gumawa. Si Anwar never na nakapunta ng Davao. Di niya alam ang pasikot sikot ng Davao. Kumbaga sa mga bading pang Dungoan lang gd ang rampa niya...he he he!"

  2. Nonie Peroy Ogags yan ah..sa bayan ko pa.loko ka..ikaw pala taga gawa..
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    Fe Cedeño Bauzon
    Fe Cedeño Bauzon Kis- a lang ma limelight ang M' lang amo pa ina. Kahuluya😠. Be vigilant M'lang.
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    Fe Cedeño Bauzon Place M'lang under the sun that can make every "Taga Mlang" proud. Prosperous. Successful. Filipino by heart. Love our country.
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    Jun Ugbana agoy sa bayan kopa, tarantado kah dapat ikaw nalang malokpan sang bomba.
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    Fe Cedeño Bauzon Taga M'lang ako bala. Kinahanglan
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    Fe Cedeño Bauzon Mag amping sang dungog ta.
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    Fe Cedeño Bauzon I used to teach at SBC
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    Maricel Apelado Ang sama m..sinira m p ung nym ng bayan ntin..mkasarili k tlga.
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    Aida Pineda Ang maisog nga ng report sa aton nga pulis sa Mlng amo ang isa ka unsung Hero ...Saludo gid kme sa imo...God bless us all
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    Marilyn Jordan-muit Unta kamo maunay sa inyong ginahimo nga bomba...Mga demonyo!!!!
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