Sunday, October 27, 2013

Barangay (Village) Election in the Philippines

Music swaying and gyrating pretty dancers wowed the crowd.
Their presence was a draw to the masses
to flock the candidates' rally.

 Their presence was a draw to the masses to flock the candidates' rally.
Candidate for the village chairmanship enumerates his programs in case he wins on the October 28 electoral derby.

Starving supporters and spectators of the rally queue at the house of the candidate for a pack of
two-meat meal viands and rice.

Puro laman ang mga baboy na niluto. Galante daw
ang kandidato sa kapitan Walang halong patatas at
carrots Sarap kain ng  mga supporters at botante.

Overwhelming number of supporters and spectators flocked at the village's basketball court to 
hear the platforms and programs of the bets and witness their expose'  on the alleged
 corruptions of the incumbent village chief.

Policemen sent by Pangasinan Police Director Marlou
Chan after the candidate for the Village chairmanship and supporters
complained to the police about the alleged harassment of the incumbent
Brgy. Captain and his supporters.

Toastmaster of the rally calls another candidate to say his piece.

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